#MyWWOOFCanadaStory – WWOOF Canada Photo Contest

Jul 1, 2022

WWOOFer and Hosts, share with the world how WWOOF has made a difference in your life. Take to social media to share photos and stories that capture the magic of WWOOFing!

Post your photos to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the hashtag #MyWWOOFCanadaStory OR #WWOOFCanada, to be entered to win! Not into social media? That’s okay. You can also send your photos directly to us, at social@wwoof.ca

Every month this summer, we’ll choose three finalists. Those finalists will be posted to our Instagram, where our followers will get to decide who takes home the cash prize. Monthly winners will be awarded $200, a WWOOF SWAG package, and a free WWOOF Canada membership. Selections will be made at the end of July, August, and September.

Looking to get even more interactive? Find out more about our TikTok/Reels Video Contest.



Capture high-quality photos now and all year long that show your experience, educate and motivate people to WWOOF or host, and that are fun and visually stunning. Photos should showcase WWOOF’s diverse members, highlight the fun of WWOOFing and forming new friendships, and inspire others to have incredible WWOOF adventures on farms across Canada.

Your photos might include the following:

  • WWOOFers and/or hosts
  • WWOOFers helping out with projects/tasks
  • Mealtime gatherings
  • Produce and/or animals/livestock
  • Farm activities
  • WWOOFer accommodations, activities during free time
  • Free-time adventures

Rules and Reminders:

  • Contest is open only to current WWOOF Canada members – both hosts and WWOOFers.
  • Avoid taking pictures of people not facing the camera. It’s okay to ask people to smile and pose for photos 🙂
  • Make sure there is proper lighting when taking photos and photos are in focus.
  • Photos accompanied by a story will be awarded extra points.
  • Winners will receive $200, a WWOOF SWAG package, and a free WWOOF Canada membership
  • By submitting materials, applicants grant WWOOF Canada the right to copy, distribute, display, as well as authorize others to use those materials for any promotional purpose.


At the end of July, August, and September the WWOOF Canada team will choose three finalists. Those photos chosen as finalists will be posted to the WWOOF Canada Instagram, and the ultimate winner will be decided by the ‘likes’ of our followers. Whichever photo receives the most ‘likes’ for that month will receive a $200 cash prize and free membership.

To Enter:

  1. Read the Rules and Reminders above
  2. Take stunning, high-quality photos during your WWOOF adventure.
  3. Share your photos on social media, including the hashtag #myWWOOFCanadaStory or #wwoofcanada
  4. OR send an email to social@wwoof.ca with your photos

Important Dates: 

Photo Contest Deadlines to enter: 

  • July 30, 2022 at 5pm EST
  • August 31, 2022 at 5pm EST
  • September 30, 2022 at 5pm EST

The finalists will be posted to our instagram the week after the deadline.

Questions? Contact us at social@wwoof.ca

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