Do I need insurance to go WWOOFing?

Yes. It is required to be properly insured for WWOOFing activities. All WWOOFers must have travel medical insurance to cover illness, injury and other unexpected travel issues. Hosts may ask to see proof of insurance when WWOOFers arrive. If you already have health insurance that covers you in Canada, it is your responsibility to check that it will cover your activities while participating in WWOOF. 

Travel & Medical Insurance

While it’s unlikely that you’ll get hurt while WWOOFing, it is still necessary to have insurance!

To protect yourself from accidents, we ask that you not participate in tasks that could put you in unnecessary physical danger.

As a starting point for your research we have included two different insurance providers on this page: World Nomads Explorer plan and also Genki Insurance. While both cover volunteering, the policy may vary depending on where you live, check here for World Nomads and check here for Genki. As with all insurance, you should always check the policy wording before purchasing.

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links. This means we get a small fee when you get a quote from a travel insurance provider using the links on this page. It won’t cost you anything extra but this helps to cover some of our operational costs. We do not represent any insurance providers and the information on this page is not a recommendation; our goal to provide resources that assist you in making a decision when looking for a travel insurance policy. —WWOOF Canada Team

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