First, WWOOF is not responsible for your travel plans and cannot help get a visa/letter of invitation. All WWOOFers are responsible for planning, paying for, and booking their own travel and must obtain a visa without the the help of our staff or our community of hosts.

With that said, many WWOOFers travel to Canada from abroad. We are proud of the fact that our community of WWOOFers includes those from France, Germany, Japan, Australia, the U.S.A., China, Brazil, Finland, and more. In order to provide some guidance to our international friends, we have gathered some resources to help those travelling to Canada.

Do you plan to WWOOF after arriving in Canada? What type of visa do you need? How long can you WWOOF for? Can you WWOOF at all farms, or only certain ones?

Do you need insurance while WWOOFing in Canada? If so, what type? Where do you start when searching for travel health insurance?

Is your WWOOFing adventure your first time visiting Canada? Need to learn some basics about the country? We’ve provided some answers on transportation, money, and culture.