WWOOF TikTok/Reels Contest – THE WINNERS!

Dec 20, 2022

In the summer of 2023, we asked our members to create TikToks and Reels that promote WWOOF, educate and motivate people to go WWOOFing. We wanted videos that were visually stunning, creative, and fun. We received over 30 submissions and from that pool, the team at WWOOF Canada chose three finalists. Those finalists were posted to our Instagram and Tiktok pages where our followers got to vote on which ones they liked best. And boy did our followers respond – our top two videos received almost 1000 likes each!

But who were the winners? Who took home the final prize?

With 1075 likes on Instagram and another 147 on Tiktok @marjocoton_voyage‘s wholesome and upbeat glimpse into her time at @wildflowerbridefarms takes the top prize! Marjolaine will take home $500, a WWOOF SWAG package, and a free WWOOF membership!⁠ Check the video out here.

That said, it was a close race for a while there. The Reel from @yes.itsyoga, came in a close second with 973 on Instagram and another 3 on Tiktok. Josefine’s inspiring video showed the pure joys of WWOOFing with your family – both on and off the farm. Josefine will take home $250 and a free WWOOF membership.⁠ Check the video out here.

Taking the third spot is @melona1303 ‘s Reel showing the beauty of WWOOFing on Canada’s West Coast. With 93 Instagram likes and 16 more on Tiktok, her video had shots showing off both the mountains and the Island life in beautiful BC. She will take home $100 and a free WWOOF membership. Check the video out here.

That’s it for WWOOF Canada’s summer contests. Didn’t get to participate? Start prepping your phone/camera for summer 2023. We’ll start releasing information on next year’s contests in March 2023!

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Website Feature Update: WWOOFer Community List

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