4 Tips for What to Do (and NOT do) While on the Farm!

Mar 8, 2023

(Photo:  Safranière des Cantons, Quebec)

Look, WWOOFing is not that hard. Once you know the basics, respect, enthusiasm and openness will get you a long way. But for those looking for a little more guidance, here are Robin’s WWOOFing dos and don’ts.

✅ Willfully support the needs of the farm and community

“Looks like it’s getting dark. Would you like me to go close the chickens?”
❌ Treat WWOOF like a free holiday

“Sorry, but I like to sleep in while I’m on vacation
“✅ Learn as much as you can

“Could you help me understand why we’re planting this clover?”
❌ Think of WWOOFing as a transaction

“I worked a full day, now I want the allotment of potatoes that I’m owed!”
.✅ Balance farm activities and free time

“Woo, hot day. Hardworking morning. Time for a pond-swim?”
❌ Take unnecessary risks

“Look, I’ve always chainsawed in Birkenstocks, and I’m not going to stop now. “
✅ Enthusiastically discover new things

“I’ve never had this type of squash before. Woah, it’s delicious.”
❌ Treat the space as though it is your own private home

“I will do those dishes when I leave in two weeks.”
Policy: Respectful Relationships and Conflict Resolution

Policy: Respectful Relationships and Conflict Resolution

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