WWOOF Verified Hosts

A WWOOF Verified host is an experienced host who over time has demonstrated their ability to meet the WWOOF Host requirements.

The goal is for all WWOOF Canada hosts to be visited by a representative of WWOOF Canada to verify that WWOOF’s guidelines are being met and that the host provides an educational experience in a safe and comfortable environment for visiting WWOOFers. Once a farm has been verified, the host will receive a “WWOOF Verified” badge on the website.

WWOOF Canada welcomes host’s participation in strengthening the WWOOF program to ensure the sharing of critical information, growing the understanding of the importance of ecological farming, providing support for organic farmers, and for growing the next generation of sustainable farmers.  

What is a WWOOF-Verified farm?

If a farm is listed as verified, this means that a WWOOF Canada representative (WWOOFer or staff) has visited the farm in person and confirmed that the host is following these requirements:

  1. Practicing organic or sustainable growing methods
  2. Providing an educational experience and sharing knowledge with WWOOFers
  3. Providing adequate food for three meals per day
  4. Providing comfortable and sanitary living accommodations
  5. Asking WWOOFers to help for 5 half-days per week (or approximately 25-30 hours).
  6. Communicating honestly and effectively throughout the process (in their profile, in messages/calls, and in person)
  7. Providing WWOOFers with a safe and secure WWOOFing environment, free from danger or harassment


To be awarded a WWOOF-Verified badge, a host farm must have the following requirements in place:

  1. Minimum of 3 positive reviews from WWOOFers posted to their host farm profile. At least one review must be left within the last 2 years
  2. Minimum of the 5 required photos posted to their host farm profile
    – The hosts; 
    – WWOOFer accommodation
    – Your home;
    – Property – gardens, farm yard, etc.;
    – Activity or location showcasing your area.
  3. Have provided photo ID for the host
  4. A completed Host Verification Questionnaire from WWOOFer or staff on-site visit
  5. Attended a Host Orientation within the last 3 years.  Register here. [this requirement is grandfathered for long-time hosts]
  6. *Confirmed no prior complaints have been filed

*Complaints investigated and either found as unproven or where the host has taken steps to address the matter, and there have been no further complaints in the past 2 years, will be considered.

Benefits to Hosts

  1. A “WWOOF-Verified” badge is added to the host’s profile, which gains trust and increases inquiries. 
  2. Host verification strengthens the WWOOF network in general, furthering its aims. 
  3. Potentially, assistance with improving their profile on the WWOOF Canada website.

We welcome your suggestions for refining the WWOOF verification procedure.